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I started ZemiZen as a traveling “live art” form to begin building positive energetic communities. It is an investigation into two great cultures, African and Asian, that receive information and come to an understanding of their living space in entirely different ways.

Wouldn't it be nice to steep these two ancient, time honored elixirs into modern quest? 


The full ZemiZen experience is a combination of my applied art in a hands on, Caribbean/Kimono inspired, Fashion Walk with an 

"Art and Consciousness" creativity workshop. Additional optional components include art lectures, kundalini yoga and meditation sessions, as well as the conceptual Fine Art Taino Churshr fabric installation.

ZemiZen is Caribbean & Asian Inspired Fashions that celebrate a refined, carefree, conscious attitude and
personal creativity found in the individual fashion statement.

I hope you will find these colorful fabrics and designs inspiring and useful.  A great deal of thought has been put into each piece insuring function and fashion.  This athletic, wicking factor fabric draws moisture away from the skin leaving you dry during sweaty activities, eliminating wet chills and clammy skin. It also provides warmth if used as a layering piece during colder weather.  Special attention has been made so that the pattern has been placed for every piece to be flattering in every size.  This means darker shades and vertical lines to elongate and slenderize legs.  


Wear them with an open, compassionate, heart fused with a focused, receptive mind for higher conscious living.


from Cindy Male

Vapor Apparel Collection


Caribbean & Asian Inspired Fashions

that celebrate a refined,carefree, conscious  attitude and personal creativity found in the individual fashion statement.

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